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Entry posted April 5th, 2016

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and craziness! We learned so much over the last two weeks about how to be more efficient, and how many cupcakes to have in stock, and all the important little things.

Opening day on March 23 was packed! That day and the next day we sold 300 cupcakes each day - way more than we expected! There was a whole lot of, "Quick! make more cupcakes right now!!" It's been super gratifying to be so well received.

One of the best parts of being in the old Gingerbread House building has been learning about all of the history. We've LOVED hearing all about folks connection to the restaurant and the building. Here are some of the things we learned:

- A woman named Delia stopped in yesterday and said that she lived in this building as a child in 1956, before it was a restaurant. Her landlord eventually sold the building to TJ Robinson (of the GIngerbread House restaurant)

- The guy who bought it after the restaurant closed, named Oneill, came by. He said that he bought it in 2008 (the restaurant closed in 2007) and when he took possession of it, there were lots of squatters in the building and someone had gone through and stolen all of the copper pipe, leaving holes all over the walls. He said it was a mess. He sold it in 2015 to my friends who bought the building, because he was getting divorced and it was part of the divorce agreement. He is married and lives most of the month in Cuba now. He also said that TJ made and sold dolls originally in this house, and then started cooking. She later bought the house next door to start the restaurant.

- Antonio lives down the block and he has come by several times. He turned 72 on Easter. He has lived in the neighborhood on and off for 60+ years. He's been really great and friendly.

- Just yesterday I met Waseem outside the store - he said that he used to wash dishes in the restaurant when he was 18. As others have, he said that there used to be a waiting list for months to get a reservation. The kitchen where he worked was on the second floor of the buliding next to ours.

- Adrienne from Oakland Momma blog found out that jazz musician Chuck Mangione once wrote a song about the restaurant! She contacted Chuck and reprinted the lyrics in her blog post.

SO MANY people have stopped by to say that they are super happy that something is happening in this building again and it's not going to be torn down like lots of old landmarks.

We got a lot of fun media attention, and turns out, lots of people still watch TV! Loads of people said they saw us on KTVU on Mar 24 and came into the shop! The Nosh piece and the Oakland Momma blog post both have really great photos - I love how Adrienne highlighted the little architectural details of the building.

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Header photo by Melati Citrawireja, Berkeleyside. Photo on this page by Adrienne Schell, Oakland Momma blog.

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