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February Cupcake of the Month: Salted Chocolate!

Entry posted February 19th, 2013

Salted Chocolate CupcakesMaking an interesting flavor can be as simple as adding a little extra salt!

Our February Cupcake of the Month flavor was salted chocolate - our simple chocolate cake with a little bit extra helping of sea salt. I remember when we were first experimenting with this flavor a few years ago, and my friends will tell you - it's definitely easy to have too much salt! It took us a few rounds of testing to find the perfect addition. Now we have a few devoted customers who order this flavor all the time - even for their wedding! We usually top this flavor with a vanilla buttercream, colored a delicate pink this month for Valentine's Day.

We are now entering our third year of offering the Cupcake of the Month subscriptions - an idea that sprang up from a casual conversation with my friend, Max. It's possible we might need to start repeting some of the most popular flavors, but we also enjoy creating new flavors - especially from seasonal fruit. Of course, we do try to include a fair number of chocolate flavors as well.

This year, the Cupcake of the Month deliveries - the second Wednesday of each month - fell on the day before Valentine's Day. Valentine's day is one our busiest days of the year! I don't know what I was thinking trying to do those two right next to each other - we will definitely not be doing that in 2014.

Our upcoming flavors for the Cupcake of the Month are: Coconut / Chocolate Coconut (and there might be some caramel thrown in there, too!), and then two new flavors: Key Lime, and Black Forest. Subscribe here!

We have about 400 photos in the gallery, and below are some of examples of salted chocolate cupcakes from the past - including my all time favorite cupcake photo, of the three peach/salmon colored cupcakes. I honestly don't know why I find this photo so pleasing!


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