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November Cupcake of the Month: Apple!

Entry posted November 17th, 2012

I think it's my Midwestern roots that make me love apples so much.

This month, we included two apple variations in our Cupcake of the Month subscription: apple cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with cinnamon streusel, and cinnamon cake filled with house made apple filling and topped with buttercream and a caramel drizzle. It's still a toss up as to which variation I liked the best! I have to say that the streusel topping is leading right now - I've often said that the reason I like S'mores cupcakes is because of the graham cracker crunch - it's not so often that something in a cupcake is "crunchy," and I like that change of pace. On the other hand, the apple filling + caramel drizzle is not something to scoff at!

Apples have been a huge part of my life since I was a child. I have a lot of memories of peeling endless apples for pies and applesauce, that we would freeze and eat throughout the year. In high school, I think I took a little container of homemade applesauce in my sack lunch almost every day.

I am definitely opinionated. You can read this old blog post from December 2009 (wow... was that really three years ago??) about which apple I think is best (Jonathan is the only way to go) - and I am quite sure that I will be making many pies this season. well, I've already made four, unless you consider my "quickie" pie from last night as number five. Whenever I make a pie, i take the leftover crust and put it in the freezer. Last night I took one of those small bundles out, rolled it into a little circle, laid it into a ramekin, and filled it with applesauce. it was quite delicious, as I'm sure Audrey would attest. Plus, I love the individual pies. It could easily have been done in a cupcake tin.

Fig Mascarpone CupcakesA few lucky subscribers also received an extra box of treats with their apple cupcakes. Because we strive to showcase seasonal flavors, I couldn't resist a flavor experiment - the fig tree at my house has been BURSTING with figs, so much so that I made fig preserves and still have tons to give away. Because I've had figs stuffed with mascarpone or goat cheese and grilled or roasted, I thought they would make a great cupcake. This time we made Fig Mascarpone cupcakes that consisted of vanilla cake, fig preserves, mascarpone frosting, and a fresh fig garnish. They got rave reviews, but I would defintely want to try them with a stronger goat cheese next time. I will also admit that I never ate a fresh fig (or persimmon or guava) before I moved to California.

Next month? Chocolate mint, in honor of all the candy canes that will be eaten out there in Christmas-land. You can subscribe here.

We're gearing up for a big holiday season! We have tons of great holiday designs and flavors, and December is generally quite busy for us. If you're planning on ordering for your office event or you'd like to send cupcakes as an end-of-the-year thank you, please call ahead! We can generally take orders up to the day before delivery, but really - we might get booked up, and you wouldn't want that. All of our ordering information is here, and I'll make a post about holiday designs soon. 

Oh - and Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be closed next week, and then have limited availablility until December 8, so that we can take a much needed break and get ready for all of the holiday parties and weddings we have booked for Christmas and New Years.

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