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October Cupcake of the Month: Pumpkin!

Entry posted October 15th, 2012

pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakesWell, it's just beginning to feel like fall here in Northern California and I a super psyched for all the fall seasonal flavors! October's Cupcake of the Month was Pumpkin, since it is everywhere right now! Maybe a pumpkin latte with your cupcake be a bit too over the top?

This month's delivery included pumpkin three ways: pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin chocolate chip, and a cinnamon cupcake with a pumpkin cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream. YUM. Anyway, I love pumpkin - especially mixed with chocolate. I've had quite a few people tell me they wouldn't put pumpkin and chocolate together, but it seems obvious to me. Mostly because chocoalte goes with almost everything in my opinion, but also the moist pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting make pumpkin a natural for chocolate. We also made a cake last weekend that was pumpkin cake, chocolate ganache filling and GOLDSHLAGER CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. What?? Oh yeah - cinnamon schnapps + cream cheese frosting is totally a good idea. Who knew?

pumpkin cupcakesDid you know that this year's Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival winner weighed in at 1,775 pounds? That's a lot of pumpkin! I wonder how many cupcakes you could make out of it?

Upcoming Cupcake of the Month flavors and subscription info can be found on this page. Highlights? November = Apple and December = Chocolate Mint. There will probably be candy canes involved. Also - I love holiday cupcakes! We have a whole set on our Flickr page of fun holiday designs (the pointsettias are my favorite), and we'll be adding more this year for sure.

Last year we were SUPER busy during the holiday season, so if you're planning on sending a holiday thank you to your clients or a seasonal gift to friends or family, make sure to get your order in early!


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