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Photos from Yelp’s Beerwalk Empire Event

Entry posted September 10th, 2012

This past Saturday we participated in Yelp's Beerwalk Empire event in Jack London Square in Oakland!

Every so often, Yelp East Bay holds events that are free for Yelp Elite members, or in this case, open to the public with a $10 donation to St. Vincent De Paul. For attendees, it's a chance to sample food and drinks from lots of East Bay vendors, and in this case, sample beer from 30 different brewers. What's in it for the vendors? We get to market our food to the masses and meet other awesome local food people. We were right next to the New Belgium table, and our favorite food vendors were Arizmendi, Phat Matt's, Smoke, and Rosamunde (who are opening a shop in Oakland, by the way). 

We provided two flavors - vanilla raspberry and a Chocolate IBA, featuring the Black Flag India Black Ale made by Macarthur Garage Brewery. Both were extremely popular!

Here are a few photos from the afternoon, with a parting shot of friend and DJ Neil Martinson. Special thanks to the Angel Cakes volunteers for the event, Molly, Elle, and Brian. This first photo is of the calm before the storm - after set up and before the 2,000 attendees mobbed the place.

You can check out the Yelp page here for reviews of the event and see lots of photos on their Flickr page!


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