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Angel Cakes Dessert Bar Pricing

Entry posted July 25th, 2022

Though we specialize in cupcakes, we like to mix it up sometimes! We've developed a line of cookies, bars, and other desserts for all occasions. We can also assist you in planning the perfect dessert bar for your event!

To place an order for our dessert bar items, just email us at or use our main order form here!

Here is our current price list as of August 1, 2022. 
All sizes are approximate, prices subject to change at any time. 

Cookies (priced per cookie, minimum one dozen per type): 

Chocolate Chip Cookie (approx 3 inches): $1.75
Coconut Macaroon (approx 2 inch ball): 1.50 - GF and dairy free (contains eggs)
Mini Coconut Macaroon (approx .5 in): $1  - GF and dairy free (contains eggs)
Mini French Macaron (you can pick the color/flavor)(approx 1”): $1.20 - GF, contains Almonds
Brownies (2.25” square): $3.25 (can be cut into smaller squares) (GF optional)
Rosemary or Chai Shortbread (1.5” by 1” piece): $1.25, other flavors TBD (GF or Vegan optional)
Cheesecake bar (2.25” Square) $3.25 each
Pecan Bar - (2.25” Square) $3.25 each

Other Items: 

Cakesicles: $3.50 each, $3.75 each if individually wrapped
Cake Mason Jar (cake, frosting, and sprinkles, reusable jar) - Pint size: $10, half pint: $6 (GF or Vegan optional)
Chocolate Pot de Creme - $6 (4 oz) or $4 (2 oz), reusable jar, GF
Seasonal Fruit Crisp - 7-inch reusable pie plate, $8 (GF or Vegan optional)

Cakes and Cupcakes: our main order page is here!



Sample Menu 1 - 100 guests, approx $5 per guest

200 mini cupcakes (2 flavors)
50 french macarons (one flavor)
50 brownie bites
50 cheesecake bites
25 chocolate chip cookies

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