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Entry posted July 18th, 2015

As part of our business, and particularly because we provide desserts for so many weddings and events, we have lots of cake stands! OK, I'll admit, I also have a cake stand buying problem. If space were not an issue, I would have a lot more, honestly, because one of my favorite activities is scowering flea markets and antique shops for unique pieces.

Here are the stands we have available to rent! Click on each photo for more details. This is most of our stands, but we have more photos to add!

Stand rental is a flat rate of $40 for any combination of stands. There is also a deposit, which varies depending on the number and type of stands you rent. It is typically $50-300, and is returned to you when you bring back the stands. The stands need to be returned the following day unless we make other arrangements.

For more information on stand rental, please email Jen.

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