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OK, so even though we are a cupcake shop, we make a lot of cakes. Like, way more cakes than I ever thought we would. Turns out, there are plenty of times when people need a cake along with their cupcakes - or just a small cake will do.

After a few years, we finally settled on making three sizes of cake - two layer, six inch and eight inch rounds, and a large single layer 14 inch cake. We're going to show you a few examples of each so you can see for yourself what they could possibly look like.

But first, let's talk about when you might need a cake - aside from, you know, a birthday. The most common type of cake we make is a "cutting cake," a small cake used during a wedding reception for the ceremonial cutting (and often face-smashing) that everyone expects. The cake can be done in any theme or style, but we commonly make two designs for weddings, which seem to go over well:

Those styles can be done in any color - the flowers usually match the bridesmaids' dresses or other theme colors.

Secondly, we've made a few "smash cakes" recently. I actually didn't know what it was before a few weeks ago, but apparently there is a new trend where for your toddler's birthday, you get a small cake or giant cupcake and just let them tear into it. It's really a cute idea. One of our clients sent us this link for inspiration.  Here are a couple that we've made recently:

Also, we've had a number of requests for "gender reveal" or "gender announcement" cakes - where you dye the cake a color to indicate whether it's a girl or a boy, and then cover it with frosting. Usually, the parents give me the gender in a sealed envelope, because they want to find out with everyone else when they cut into the cake at their party, revealing the inner color. Here's our blog about the one we did last year, and we have another one coming up this weekend.

The large 14-inch size can be really fun, as it gives a ton of room to decorate. Here are two from our past, including the red anarchist/marxist cakes, which continue to be among the most popular/most commented on that we have *ever* made:

And for good measure, here are a few of our favorite birthday cakes:

Thanks for reading! You can view photos of all of our work in our gallery, which we update weekly.

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