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We’re open!!

Entry posted May 18th, 2019

Wow friends - what an ordeal!

After a car crashed into the bakery on February 24, we've been closed for repairs, and we opened again on Saturday May 11! We are now back to our full normal operations. 

You all did an amazing job of supporting us through the last crazy 3 months and all of your messages (and orders!) really made the difference. We had some anxiety that customers wouldn't come back, and that anxiety has been dispelled completely by how busy our opening weekend was and how busy we are in the next couple of weeks. We am so grateful and feel like we owe a huge debt to the universe for helping us get to the other side of this.

Also, our employees are the awesomest! They stayed with us through the ups and downs and crazy schedules and different locations, and put in extra hours to get us back online. We are so grateful!

We wanted to thank all the people who put in labor and energy to help us make this happen: 

  • The building owner and property management team were amazing. We had total confidence that they were working hard to get us back in the shop. 
  • Our general contractor, Moore Construction, truly went above and beyond! If you visit the shop right now you probably wouldn't even know that a little while ago there was a huge gaping hole in the building. From matching the old siding and wood floor to finding someone to custom build a new door and dealing with inspectors and the gas company - they really made it all possible. I would highly recommend them for any rebuild project. 
  • Our insurance agent, Ken Bullock of State Farm, particularly our contact Carlye P, held our hand through the whole process. Also, business insurance saved our butts and made it possible to replace all of the broken things and to keep paying employees during this time. 
  • Did we mention the employees already? They deserve another mention! Makana, Ramona, Laura, Sarolta - you are amazing!
  • Natalie Pearce of Natty Cakes and Bonnie P of Platecraft Catering reached out to us early on in the crisis and offered to share their commercial kitchen so we could operate partially during the closure. It was such a pleasure to work in a collaborative, supportive shared kitchen environment! 
  • Everyone who donated to our GoFundMe campaign really helped us through the first weeks of the crisis before insurance kicked in, and helped with all the things insurance didn't cover and our deductible. PLUS! The lovely staff at GoFundMe kicked in an extra $1500 to our campaign! Yay!
  • All of our friends who carried things, fixed things, painted things, cleaned things, gardened, assembled Ikea furniture, and did other physical labor: Rachel H, Erika G, Eliza R, Leah R, Gina A, Matt L, Hannah H, Genevieve G, Mike E, Ocean M, Dan D, Todd B, Erik A
  • Steven from Berkeley Signs replaced the logo on our front door right before opening! 
  • Peterson Neon created this neon cupcake for us! 
  • Jess M and Grow Oakland Farm supplied flowers for our fundraising party - they are a great program and are our go-to flower supplier! 

We feel so great about all of the customers who returned during our opening weekend - it is such a vote of confidence to have your support. We're so happy to be back in our cupcake home. 


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