Angel Cakes


We love weddings, and would be thrilled to make cupcakes for yours.

There are TONS of things to consider – flavors, colors, style, quantity, do you want a small cake for the ceremonial cut at the reception?


Our Consultations

Our consultations work a little bit differently from other bakeries.  Instead of eating cake at the appointment (too much pressure!) we send you home with a box of samples to enjoy and discuss at your leisure. We make over 120 flavors, and we will provide you with a box of samples that showcase our diverse menu - we will do our best to honor any requests for flavors.  What you're doing with the samples is judging the style and quality of our cupcakes. If you are happy with the quality of the cupcakes and put down a deposit, you can sample additional flavors before you make the selections for your event. 

We schedule consutlations during our retail hours, primarily on Friday evenings and Saturdays.

There is a $30 tasting fee that is due when you confirm your appointment. This includes 6 samples and a 30 minute apointment. If you're interested in scheduling a consultation, please email Jen. We would love it if you included the date of your event so we can make sure we are available! Please also let us know if you are interested in tasting only dairy, egg, or gluten free samples. If you would prefer not to have a consultation, you can walk in and purchase cupcakes from our counter at any time. 


Why cupcakes?

We love the look of cupcakes – but they are also often less expensive than wedding cakes and easier to serve – you don't need to have your caterer cut and distribute slices, and you don't need plates and forks.

Can I have more than one flavor?

Yes. It's also possible to have some dairy and egg free cupcakes and some with dairy in the same order. If you order multiple flavors, it's important to consider that some of your guests may want to try all the flavors, so you'll need to increase the quantity, and the number of flavors may increase the cost.

How many cupcakes should I order?

If you are ordering standard sized cupcakes, we recommend ordering one per person plus at least 10 percent extra. Some caterers recommend ordering 50 percent more – you should consider a larger quantity if you know your guests like dessert,  if cupcakes will be served in a buffet (as opposed to being served to tables by waiters), and if you have more than three flavors. If you are ordering mini cupcakes, we recommend 2 to 3 per person.

When should I order my wedding cupcakes?

As soon as you can! We take reservations a year (or more!) in advance. It's never too early to schedule a consultation and make a reservation to insure that we're available for you.

What will my cupcakes look like? What flavor should I get?

Browsing this very website will give you a sense of our style. During your consultation we'll discuss the colors and decorations you've planned, and the food and flavors that you will be having at your reception. We'll work together to find the perfect flavor and decorations for you and your guests.

What is a "cutting cake" and do I want one?

Many couples who order cupcakes still want the ceremonial cutting of the cake during their reception. We recommend ordering a small 6-inch round cake to use during the reception, made in the same style and flavor as your cupcakes.

How much will they cost?

Cupcakes for weddings are the same price as all our cupcakes – $3.00 to $3.50 for standard sized, and $1.20 to $1.50 for mini. Organic and specialty ingredients or fondant decorations can add to the cost of your order. Cutting cakes that are 6 inches start at $40.

When do you make the cupcakes? Will they be fresh?

Cupcakes are generally made the night before the event, though some decorations may be created and dried several days in advance. The cupcakes will have the same freshness and quality as the cupcakes we sell in our store. 

Do you deliver?

For weddings within the greater San Francisco Bay Area and destinations up to 2 hours away, delivery is typically $50 or $1.00 per mile, whever is greater. You could consider having a member of the wedding party pick them up.  Delivery does not include set up unless specifically arranged in advance.

Do you rent your display stands?

We have several stands that we rent, and you can view them online here.  We were happy with a cardboard cupcake stand we got from Green Party Goods if you are looking for a different option, and they also sell cardboard stands at the craft store Michaels.