Custom Orders

We are currently accepting new custom orders for cupcakes and cakes. Planning a special event? You can also request a consultation. 

Sometimes you just need a specific dessert to make your event perfect. Here's all the info you need on how to place a custom order. We cannot accommodate custom orders day-of, but you're welcome to order an assortment through our online store! We are also on Caviar and Grubhub. Check our Instagram for today's fresh flavors. 

Please be in touch at least two weeks in advance for cupcake orders, or three weeks for cake orders. As a small shop, we have a limited capacity for custom orders, especially in the summer when we are baking for weddings. We typically take 24-48 hours to respond to inquiries. 

All custom orders must be prepaid. We will respond to your inquiry with a confirmation and payment instructions. 

We offer an endless variety of flavors both cupcakes and cakes. If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask us!

Custom Cupcakes

Colored frosting and sprinkles are included in the price of the cupcakes. For more elaborate designs, please send us a photo of what you have in mind so that we can give you a quote. Some organic ingredients and seasonal fruit may increase the price of your order.

We are not currently offering fondant toppers. Please consider ordering from Etsy.

Please note that for custom orders, we have a minimum of 6 per flavor for standard size cupcakes and 10 for minis. In order to better serve your guests we recommend limiting flavor choices to 2-3 varieties. We request that orders over 50 have no more than 5 flavors. 

Cupcakes Minimum 6 per flavor $4.00
Mini Cupcakes Minimum 10 per flavor $1.80
Gluten Free Cupcakes Minimum 6 per flavor $4.50
Gluten Free Mini Cupcakes Minimum 10 per flavor $2.00
Wedding Tasting Box 6 Standard size cupcakes of your choice $35

Custom Cakes

Need a custom cake? We offer cakes with 4 different finishes (semi-nude, palette swirl, smooth single color, and smooth ombre.) All of these finishes can be paired with the decoration style of your choice (piping, drip, cookie top, fresh fruit, cookie crumb or sprinkle base, glitter, piped pearl border). Customize your flavor, size, and color. Most design elements can be mix-and match, and if you're looking for something specific that isn't represented here please email us a reference photo and we'll let you know if it's possible. We make and sell custom gold and silver glitter paper toppers (send us your design or we can create one for you). For fondant toppers we recommend Etsy. Fresh edible flowers can be added if you or your florist provide them to us in advance. 

The prices listed are the base price for that cake size. Simple designs, colored frosting and sprinkles are included. More complex designs, fresh fruit, cookie top, or gluten-free flour will increase the price of your cake. 

We book 2-3 weeks out for cakes, so please be in touch as early as possible to ensure our availability. We will not take custom cake orders week-of. 

More design options may be added later, so keep checking our gallery for updates!

4" round cake 2 layers / 4" tall / 4 servings $30.00
4" round cake 3 layers / 6" tall / 6 servings $45.00
6" round cake 2 layers / 4" tall / 10 servings $55.00
6" round cake 3 layers / 6" tall / 14 servings $75.00
8" round cake 2 layers / 4" tall / 18 servings $95.00
8" round cake 3 layers / 6" tall / 26 servings $145.00
14" round cake 1 layer / 3" tall / 48 servings $110.00
6 x 8" stacked cakes 2 layers / 4" tall each / 30 servings $175.00
6 x 8" stacked cakes 3 layers / 6" tall each / 40 servings $260.00

We recommend cutting cakes into square not triangular pieces. This is the method we use.


Are you planning a wedding or a large order? WE LOVE WEDDINGS. In fact, we have a whole special page on how to order for weddings.

Dessert Bar

Though we specialize in cupcakes, we like to mix it up sometimes! We've developed a line of cookies, bars, and other desserts for all occasions. We can also assist you in planning the perfect dessert bar for your event!

Chocolate Chip Cookie approx 3" $2.00
Coconut Macaroon approx 2" ball / GF, DF / contains eggs $2.00
Mini Coconut Macaroon approx 0.5" / GF, DF / contains eggs $1.25
Mini French Macaron pick the color/flavor / 1" / GF / contains Almonds $1.75-2.00
Brownies 2.25” square / can be cut smaller / GF optional $4.00
Rosemary or Chai Shortbread 1.5" x 1" / GF or Vegan optional $1.50
Cheesecake Bar 2.25" square $4.00
Pecan Bar 2.25" square $4.00
Cake Mason Jar, Pint cake, frosting, and sprinkles, reusable jar, GF or Vegan optional $12.00
Cake Mason Jar, half pint $6.00
Chocolate Pot de Creme, 4oz reusable jar, GF $6.00
Chocolate Pot de Creme, 2oz $4.00


Delivery is available for $30 to Berkeley, Oakland, and Alameda. Delivery to surrounding areas is determined by mileage. Of course, you can always pick up your order at our store during retail hours, and there may be an extra fee for picking up outside of our regular hours. We do not ship orders outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.